Mary J. Andrade, Untitled, 1987 – 2016, Color Photograph, 11″ x 14″
Ofrenda Luz de Madre by Melissa Lopez from Mexic-Arte Museum 2019 Dia de los Muertos & Community Altars Exhibition



Mix ‘n’ Mash Las Flores – La Vida

Dec. 10, 2021 – Feb. 6, 2022

Mix ‘n’ Mash Exhibition and Art Sale, Las Flores – La Vida is on view from December 10, 2021 – February 6, 2022. This group exhibition displays artworks from over 200 local and regional artists created on quality panels donated by Ampersand Art Supply.

MX 21-Resistance, Reaffirmation & Resilience

Sep. 17, 2021 – Feb. 27, 2022

Throughout 2021, Mexico is observing major events in history: the falling of the Aztec capital Tenochtitlán, the invasion by Spain, and the Independence of Mexico. Mexic-Arte Museum presents an exhibition and programs in conjunction with Mexico’s 2021 events.

Nuestra Comunidad/Our Community – Memory and Remembrance Ofrenda

Sep. 17, 2021 – Nov. 22, 2021

This exhibit celebrates the return of the dead to their families and friends on November 1st and 2nd. Photos and offerings are assembled in a room to remember loved ones. Mexic-Arte invites the public to contribute a photo of a loved one.