Gallery Guides

Exhibition–specific Gallery Guides may supplement a gallery tour or be used in the classroom as part of a post-tour activity. Below are downloadable Gallery Guides from recent exhibitions

Professional Development Workshops

Mexic–Arte Museum’s Education Department offers Professional Development training, workshops, and resource materials for teachers from all subject areas and grade levels in the greater Austin area. 


Screen It!

Mexic-Arte Museum’s Screen It! program connects students to the Austin art community, guiding them in developing their art skills as a tool of expression and as valuable entrepreneurial skills. 


amArte is Mexic-Arte Museum’s new education outreach program funded by Austin Public Health’s Office of Violence Prevention. amArte coordinates with local master artists to plan and execute unique workshops at high schools in the east Austin area.


Led by experts, Mexic-Arte has a collection of lectures that explore various themes that dive deeper into the conversation about the past, present, and future of Latinx art, artists, and culture.