El Mero Muro: Murals in Schools

El Mero Muro: Murals in Schools is an extension of Mexic-Arte Museum’s seven-year-old mural program, El Mero Muro, located on the building’s exterior on 5th Street.

Conveying powerful messages of relevant social issues, the outdoor murals of the Museum are in a unique and highly visible area of downtown Austin.

Expanding El Mero Muro to public schools in the Austin area, the Museum will connect students with talented muralist teaching artists who will mentor Austin’s youth. These artists will guide participants through the design and execution of a mural inside the school premises; participants will conceptualize the murals, along with visual imagery about the identities, stories, and lived experiences of the students from the particular school. 

In El Mero Muro: Murals in Schools, participants will learn the historical significance of muralism through art history while developing valuable skills through the project’s diverse stages.


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