Guided tours of Mexic–Arte Museum exhibitions provide students and adults with a unique cultural experience. It is an engaging way to expose all age groups to current exhibitions and a great opportunity to learn about traditional and contemporary Mexican, Latinx, and Chicanx art from MAM’s knowledgeable staff.

Kids & Families

Adults and children can explore our virtual elements to continue to have activities and fun from their own homes.

Educators / Teachers

The Mexic-Arte Museum provides various educational resources for all ages. Whether you’re researching data for your next school project or interested in becoming involved with the Mexic-Arte Museum, it’s all here!

Screen It!

Mexic-Arte Museum’s Screen It! program connects students to the Austin art community, guiding them in the development of their art skills as a tool of expression and as valuable entrepreneurial skills. 


Located in the heart of downtown Austin, Mexic-Arte Museum seeks university students to participate in internships for academic credit and educational enrichment. Interns will apply their creativity and critical thinking skills to various projects under the mentorship of Mexic-Arte Museum professionals.

Corporate Workshops

The Mexic-Arte Museum’s Education Department is dedicated to education and enrichment through art and culture. We facilitate programs to fit community groups’ and organizations’ needs, abilities, and interests.