Creating Encuentros: Changarrito 2012-2024

Apr. 12

Apr. 12 @ 5:00 pm Aug. 25 @ 5:00 pm

Mexic-Arte Museum

419 Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78701 United States
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(512) 480-9373


April 12, 2024 – August 25, 2024

Changarrito carts are mobile bases for commerce found throughout Mexico. From these carts, vendors sell an array of different foods and products. These carts exist freely, usually outside of the controls, supervision, or instruction of formal institutions.

In 2005, artist Máximo González initiated a Changarrito cart as a possible platform for artists to present their art to the people without having to be accepted by traditional art spaces or official curatorship, blurring the boundaries between established galleries and tianguis (informal street markets). Changarrito offers opportunities to an array of artists and those interested in collecting art. More so, the program creates the possibility to develop art as an encuentro, a moment of connection between the artists and the public; a moment that is profoundly personal and collective.

From its inception, the Changarrito has made appearances in 22 cities, becoming active in Austin at the Mexic-Arte Museum in 2012. Since the program’s implementation, artists have used it every month to display their works of art. In 2020, with the rise of Covid, the Changarrito residency introduced a digital component. Now, more people than ever are able to learn about and engage with the monthly Changarrito resident artists thanks to the Changarrito art cart residency, which has resumed its in-person component while continuing with its digital feature.

This year, Mexic-Arte celebrates Changarrito’s history and legacy through the review of the participants of the Changarrito residency at the Mexic-Arte Museum from 2012 to 2024. Accompanying the display of artworks, Mexic-Arte will host a variety of encuentros taking place during the span of the exhibition, including panel discussions, art activities for the community, interactive newly-commissioned Changarrito carts and performances by Changarrito artists.

For more than 12 years through the Changarrito residency, Mexic-Arte has cultivated a platform for artists to share their artwork and foster community. We invite you to reflect on the history of Changarrito at Mexic-Arte, engage with artists, staff, and the larger community to create your own encuentros.