Miembros Newsletter: June 2024

A Message from the Director

Taste of Mexico – Al Aire Libre
Outdoors at Republic Square – A First!

For more than two decades, Taste of Mexico has featured the best of the culinary arts inspired by Mexican cuisine in Austin. This year’s event on May 22, coordinated by Special Events and Marketing Coordinator, Kaitlyn Zaldana, was one of the best!  Over forty-five different chefs and specialty beverage purveyors participated. This year was extra special! Through a partnership with the Downtown Austin Alliance, the Taste of Mexico took place al aire libre – in open air- at Republic Square. This public park and plaza, an oasis in the middle of downtown that dates to 1839, was the perfect place. It was the place for many celebrations, fiestas and family gatherings for many Mexican and Mexican American people that lived and worked nearby the park from the 1850 to 1928. (See information below.) Taste of Mexico with great food, beverages, and music, dance and fun welcomed guests back to this beautiful and welcoming community gathering place once more.

Special Events & Marketing Coordinator, Kaitlyn Zaldana
Mexic-Arte Museum Board members with dignitaries receiving honorary Taste of Mexico 2024 plates
TK Tunchez, Tamra Jones, and Lisa Vasquez Saldana at enjoying Taste of Mexico 2024, Photo Credit: Paul Saldana

The crowds indulged in tasty samplings, sipped refreshing drinks, mingled with friends and enjoyed the summer evening. Guests created silk screened prints on mini tote bags, played loteria, gazed upon the Ballet Folklorico de Austin’s movements and colorful dresses, and danced to the rhythms of DJ ulovei. A special thank you goes out to the Downtown Austin Alliance and visionary staff, Raasin McIntosh. who invited Mexic-Arte Museum to produce the event at Republic Square. As VP of Active Urbanism, Raasin leads programming for Republic Square Park and manages productions, partnerships, and ideation for cultural-based placemaking and activations.

Other program participants, Consul General of Mexico Pablo Marentes, Rep. Lulu Flores, Councilmember Zo Qadri, Councilmember Ryan Alter, Councilwoman Alison Alter represented by a staff member, Paul Saldana, President of the Mexic-Arte Museum Board and Board Member Martha Cotera, Tamra Jones, Erwin Cuellar and Peter Baez joined in to congratulate Mexic-Arte Museum on the event. We want to acknowledge and thank the Mexic-Arte team and the Taste of Mexico Committee, led by Erwin Cuellar who without all, this beautiful and well-organized event could not have been possible. Committee members included Kaitlyn Zaldana, Adrienne Brown, Sara Palma, Maia Castillo, Nadia Plascencia, William Rojas, Daniel Brooks, Amanda Baez, Leta Harrison, Vanessa Olsen, Raven Birk, Ashley Rose Marino, Angela Navarro, Tamra Jones, Peter Baez, Raasin McIntosh and Sylvia Orozco. The Mexic-Arte team included Oscar Guerra-Briseño, Isabel Servantez, Luisa Fernandez Perez, Richard Greene, Jasmine Chock, Amy Anderson, Andrea Gandaria, Elsa Perez, Laura Carrisosa, Monica Muñoz, and Elena Marcozzi.

A big thank you to generous sponsors the Downtown Austin Alliance, HEB, Brown Distribution, Siete, Miguel Lara Productions, Frutiva, Arriba Abajo, UFCU, Frost Bank, The Texas Tribune. Thank you so much to all the restaurants, artists, vendors, volunteers and all the attendees who made this event the best ever.

Para beber: ATX Tequila, AUSTIN AGUAS FRESCAS (AUSTIN AF), Austin East Ciders, Bawi Sparkling Agua Fresca & Carabuena Tequila, Cerveza Charro, Dos Cuernos Tequila, Dulce Vida Tequila, Frutiva, Haciendo Coffee Roasters, Hola Aloha, INSOLITO Tequila, Jarritos, Live Oak Brewing Company, Madame Paleta Tequila, Parejo Sotol, Proeza Tequila, Soley Beverage, Surtierra Tequila, Susto Mezcal, Topo Chico Sparkling Water, and Wollof Coffee

Para comer: Bulevar, Chapulin Cantina, Chef Poc Saenz, Churros la Catrina, Comedor, Eldorado Cafe, H-E-B, Jaime’s Spanish Village, La Cantina Truck, La Pera Catering, Licha’s Cantina, Maudie’s Tex Mex, ONETACO, Que Monita Ice Cream, Ross Cake’s Bakes & Sweets, Santa Catarina Restaurant, Siete Family Foods, Simar Seafood & Steak, SRSLY Chocolate, Suculenta Cocina Mexicana, TRU Bar-B-Que, and Veracruz

Art Mercado: Laura Clay, April Garcia, Manny Chapa, Angel Ortega, Faustinus Deraet

Thank you all for supporting the Mexic-Arte Museum and its programs. See the Taste of Mexico by James San Miguel to view all the excitement.

Taste of Mexico 2024, Video by: James San Miguel
Frutiva at Taste of Mexico 2024, Photo Credit: Sylvia Orozco
Chef Poc Saenz at Taste of Mexico 2024, Photo Credit: Sylvia Orozco

Republic Square’s History

For information about Republic Square’s history visit: https://mexic-artemuseum.org/austinsmexico/1869-austin.html to see Austin’s Mexico: A Forgotten Downtown Neighborhood, online exhibit that showcases the culturally significant Mexican American community in downtown Austin, a project of Mexic-Arte Museum in conjunction with the Austin History Center & Photography Collection.

In the 1870’s, Austin’s early Mexican immigrants and Mexican Americans created a vibrant business and cultural community just west of downtown Congress Avenue to the banks of the Shoal Creek. Republic Square Park, then known as Mexican Park, was the cultural heart of the area.

Aerial view of Austin, 1869, Image #PICA 27837, Photo by H.B. Hillyer Courtesy of Austin History Center, Austin Public Library

This image is the earliest known photograph of Republic Square Park, seen here across the street from the courthouse building. Covering an entire city block, this park was the site of Austin’s first auction of city lots in 1839. By the 1880s, the park was so popular among Mexicans living nearby that newspapers and Anglos dubbed it “Mexican Park,” though most immigrants called it “Guadalupe Park.” Under its canopy of shady live oaks, neighbors engaged in the traditional activities of Mexican village plazas. Street vendors sold tamales, candy, and sweet breads; families strolled through after Sunday church; and sweethearts courted under the watchful eyes of elders. When Walker’s Chili Factory opened across the street in 1910, workers often ate lunch in the park while watching their children play, prompting many to call it “Chili Park.” Although no permanent structures or sidewalks were built, the park’s location and size made it versatile enough to host concerts and dances, church fundraisers, and most importantly, the annual celebration of Mexico’s independence. [See photo # “Diez y Seis de Septiembre (September 16th) Mexican Independence Day Celebrations.”]

Haciendo Coffee Roasters at Taste of Mexico 2024, Photo Credit: Sylvia Orozco
Santa Catarina Restaurant at Taste of Mexico 2024, Photo Credit: Sylvia Orozco

Executive Director

Sylvia Orozco


Mexic-Arte Museum Presents:
Creating Encuentros: Changarrito 2012-2024

April 12, 2024 – August 25, 2024

If you find yourself walking through the streets of Mexico, you will inevitably encounter a changarrito, a food cart, or a locally run shop. Changarritos, enticing with the smell of antojitos and the persistent beckoning of vendors, are difficult to ignore. These carts exist freely, usually outside of the controls, supervision, or instruction of formal institutions. More than just a business, changarritos are an integral part of Mexican culture, communities, and families. 

In 2005, artist Máximo González initiated a Changarrito cart as a possible platform for artists to present their art to the people without having to be accepted by traditional art spaces or official curatorship, blurring the boundaries between established galleries and tianguis (informal street markets). Changarritos offer opportunities to artists and those interested in purchasing art, either to collect, use, or give away to a loved one. More so, the program creates the possibility to develop art as an encuentro, a profoundly personal and collective moment of connection between the artists and the public.

Since its inception in Mexico City, the Changarrito has made appearances in twenty-two cities, brought to Austin by Leslie Moody Castro and becoming active at the Mexic-Arte Museum in 2012. Since the program’s implementation, dozens of artists have used it to display their art and interact with the public on 5th Street and Congress Avenue. In 2020, with the rise of COVID-19, the Changarrito residency introduced a digital component called changarreando. Now, more people than ever are able to learn about and engage with the monthly Changarrito resident artists thanks to the Changarrito art cart residency, which has resumed its in-person component while continuing with its digital feature.

The artworks in this exhibition are part of Mexic-Arte’s permanent collection, acquired during the residencies of Changarrito artists from 2012 to 2024. This year, Mexic-Arte celebrates the history and legacy of this program through the artwork of over a hundred artists, many from Texas. Accompanying the display of artworks, Mexic-Arte has commissioned a sound piece by Lisa Salidvar (Mexico City), an interactive artwork by Gil Rocha (Laredo, Texas), a hand-painted exhibition sign by Alán Serna (San Antonio, Texas), and a mural by Stephen Longoria, (San Diego, California), titled Tejas Forever. Additionally, Mexic-Arte will host a variety of encuentros taking place during the span of the exhibition, which will include Family Days, Media Mixers, a panel discussion, and pop-up art sales in the Mexic-Arte store.

Through the Changarrito residency, Mexic-Arte has cultivated a platform for artists to share their artwork and foster community. We invite you to reflect on the history of Changarrito at Mexic-Arte and engage with artists, staff, and the larger community to create your own encuentros.

Learn more about the artists and program here!

Creating Encuentros by Alán Serna

Creating Encuentros by Alán Serna

Mexic-Arte Museum commissioned Creating Encuentros from Alán Serna as part of the exhibition, Creating Encuentros: Changarrito: 2012-2024.

Hand-painted signs for shops and changarritos are a common sight throughout Mexico. These signs include bright colors in expressive typefaces announcing the items being sold by their store owners and changarrito vendors. In line with this creative tradition Mexic-Arte has commissioned an original hand painted marquee for Creating Encuentros: Changarrito 2012-2024 by former Changarrito artist Alán Serna.

June 2024 Changarrito Artist Crisa Valadez!

Dunes / Digital Photograph / 11 in x 14 in / 2021

About the Artist

Crisa Valadez is an artist, writer, and curator based in San Antonio, TX. She currently works for the City of San Antonio Arts & Culture Department and is extremely passionate about art and nonprofit work, having worked and volunteered with several local organizations such as the Texas Public Radio, the McNay Art Museum, Centro San Antonio, Gemini Ink, and more from a young age. She is best known for her curatorial work as the co-founder and former co-director of MOTHERLING, a women-run DIY gallery collective dedicated to highlighting underrepresented and up-and-coming artists. She previously attended Pratt Institute for Creative Writing and is currently a student at Our Lady of the Lake University, completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts & New Media. Sacred Spaces was an exhibition originally conceived for her 2021 Exhibition Seminar.

Artist’s Statement

“My work is often abstract and moody. I tend to shoot in black and white and prefer this over color. I seek to explore the landscapes of intimacy and isolation through photography. Inspired by the mysticism and minimalism of the desert as well as black and white Dadaist photography practices, I try to unite the two by focusing on subject matter that depicts actual landscapes as well as the metaphorical landscapes formed by the bodies of the people closest to me. The resulting work incorporates my own views of intimacy and vulnerability within deeper personal rituals. I create work that seeks to both literally and figuratively map out the journeys we take in times of deep introspection.” Come see Crisa Valadez and support her when she is at the museum June 22nd, 23rd, 29th, and 30th. She will be interviewed by Isabel Servantez, the Curator of Exhibitions and Director of Programs on Instagram Live on Thursday, June 27th at 5:00pm.

You can see Crisa’s artwork here.

May 2024 Changarrito Artist Pico del Hierro-Villa!

Las virgencitas enamoradas, Digital Photograph, Pico del Hierro-Villa, 2022

The Changarrito artist for May 2024, Pico del Hierro-Villa, presented their work on the Changarrito cart at Mexic-Arte Museum on May 26th and 27th. You can see their conversation with Mexic-Arte Curator Isabel Servantez on Instagram here.

About the Artist

Pico del Hierro-Villa is a Queer Fronterizx who received their master’s at the University of New Mexico in Chican@/x Studies. Being raised in El Paso, later moving to Albuquerque, NM, they found the beauty of storytelling among Queer elders and those who never had the opportunity to publicly present their stories. The mode of their art and research is based on gathering testimonios and photographing Queer and Trans Latinx folks which captures a multitude of LGBTQ+ experiences, a method they call fotografímonios. The purpose of their work is to not only honor the Q/T Latinx identity but to uplift Queer and Trans political struggles and provide positive narratives that counter act against negative perceptions of Queer and Trans communities.

You can see Pico’s artwork here.

About Changarrito Program

Changarrito is an art vending cart conceptualized by artist Maximo Gonzalez as an alternative to the official gallery selection presented by the Mexican cultural authorities. True to the Mexic-Arte Museum’s mission, the Changarrito and Changarreando are dedicated to the presentation and promotion of contemporary Latinx and Latin American art.


Changarrito Artist Features April Garcia and Mauro de la Tierra

As the current exhibition Creating Encuentros: Changarrito 2012-2024 is on display, Mexic-Arte Museum highlights a few of the featured artists. These artists were part of the Changarrito Project, in which Mexic-Arte picks an artist each month to create a platform for their art and sell their work on the selected weekends at the museum from our “changarrito,” or little cart.

April Garcia at the Changarrito Cart in front of Mexic-Arte Museum, 2014, Photo Credit: Sylvia Orozco
Flowers, Soft Sculptures, April Garcia, 2023

April Garcia was the Changarrito artist for January 2014. She was born in San Benito,TX, and now an Austin based artist who loves to create soft sculpture art. Using fabric, fiber-fill, needle, and thread, she sews her fabric pieces by hand or with a machine. She sews colorful fabric shapes, attaching one to another until the bulging pieces are balanced with color and pattern. April enjoys allowing her sculptures to grow organically when she is creating. She allows her soft sculptures to morph into what they want to be. Her biomorphic soft sculpture work has an organic abstract look that resembles shapes found in nature or even something that might grow on another planet. She has been creating and exhibiting her art in Austin for twenty years and has several sculpture art pieces in the Permanent Collection of Mexic-Arte Museum.

April Garcia will lead a soft sculpture workshop at Mexic-Arte on Sunday, July 14th from 1-4pm. Free admission and all ages welcome!

Mauro de la Tierra at the Changarrito Cart in front of Mexic-Arte Museum, 2023, Photo Credit: Sylvia Orozco
El Sobrio, 18 in x24 in, 2023 Mauro de la Tierra

Mauro de la Tierra was the Changarrito artist for January 2023. He is a first generation Mexican American from San Antonio; a self-taught painter, sculptor, and illustrator. What began with street art transitioned into canvas and beyond. With support from his community, and his mentor, Albert Gonzales, he has been self-employed as a full time artist since October 2017. Mauro considers himself community made and is community-driven. His work focuses on socio-economic challenges and generational struggles such as the prison industrial complex, poverty, addiction, and the deterioration of the earth. His work captures a side of life that is often vilified and ignored while also making a statement of love for humanity. With the use of spray paint, acrylic, and oil paints, Mauro creates heavy textures on canvas in a modern and raw style of whimsical, surreal, abstract expressionism. In the same year that de la Tierra launched himself into art full time, he began leading and collaborating with The Black Sheep Collective, a group of DIY misfit artist extraordinaires. Together they have put on six pop-up gallery exhibitions and performances. His work thus far has been shown in various zines such as High Noon and galleries which have included Kspace gallery, Clamplight Gallery, Presa House gallery.

Come see Garcia’s and de la Tierra’s work, along with over a hundred other artists, in our current exhibition, Creating Encuentros: Changarrito 2012-2024, from now to August 25, 2024!


Welcome to the Summer 2024 Interns!

Summer 2024 Interns

We welcomed our second intern cohort of the Latino Museum Internship Expansion Project. Mexic-Arte which supports museum-based undergraduate internship programs designed to advance individuals’ careers in studying American Latinx life, art, history, and culture. On Friday June 7th, Mexic-Arte Museum welcomed eight new interns who will learn about the organization and obtain hands-on experience from our amazing staff. This summer interns will have the opportunity to participate in summer programming and the planning for major events such as our 2024 Viva la Vida Fest. 

We thank the Institute of Museum and Library Services for supporting this important program. 

Spotlight on New Education Associate – Richard Greene

Richard Alexander Greene graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art. His passion for community and placemaking led him to work as a visual artist and organizer in and around Austin for the last 2 years. Joining the Mexic-Arte Team and dedicating time and energy to local schools and communities is a wonderful opportunity for him. His visual artwork includes experimental printmaking, installation sculpture, and video projection. He recently founded Greenhouse, an alternative art space focusing on emerging and local artists.

Kealing Mural & AISD International School Murals Completed

The Education Department is excited to announce that we have officially unveiled the first 3 murals from our new El Mero Muro: Murals in School program! Over the past few months, students have been guided under the mentorship of various teaching artists/muralists to create a collaborative community mural at their schools, and the result is a testament to their hard work and creativity. The schools are listed as follows, along with the project’s teaching artist and faculty art teacher:

International High School – Greetings From Around The World

International High School – Greetings From Around The World
Ana Flores Lavin, Chous, and students at International High School painting, Photo Credit: Richard Greene

This mural at International High School was led by teaching artists Ana Flores Lavin and Chous with the help of Art teacher, Cecil Quinones. Over 50 + art students participated in this mural. This mural combines the global identities of its students with school activities, mascots, and colorful imagery to introduce a vibrant vision of unity and interconnectedness at school and beyond.

Kealing Middle School – Gifts That The World Needs

Teaching artist, Cecilia Yakin, and Kealing Middle School Students painting, Photo Credit: Richard Greene
Kealing Middle School Mural – Gifts That The World Needs, Photo Credit: Richard Greene

This mural at Kealing Middle School was led by teaching artists Ana Flores Lavin and Chous with the help of Art teachers, Itai Almor and Melanie Hyche. Over 300 students participated in this mural. This mural emphasizes the combined legacy of the school’s founders and the varied interests of its students to create a reflection of a truly historic community, one rich with talent, integrity, and school pride.

Burnet Middle School – “Los Marineros”

Teaching artist, Jarrid Williams, guides Burnet Middle School Students while they paint, Video Credit: Richard Greene

Burnet Middle School, Los Marineros

This mural at Burnet Middle School was led by teaching artists Jarrid Williams and Myra Rose with the help of Art teacher, Griselda Pena. An after-school club of 20 students created this mural. Thank you so much to everyone involved for your continued support of these new and exciting educational programs, and stay tuned as we continue making murals in school!

The Mero Muro in the Schools Program is supported by the Austin Public Health Office of Violence Prevention.

Tabling at Mendez Middle School

Education Associates Richard Greene and Jasmine Chock tabling at Mendez Middle School, Photo Credit: Sylvia Orozco

On May 4, 2024, Mexic-Arte Museum Education had the opportunity to attend the community celebration at the new Community Love Hub at Mendez Middle School. At the event, education associates had the privilege of meeting many Dove Springs community members and partners, and attendees got to screen print stickers and pencil bags. Trustee Ofelia Zapata of AISD District 2 has worked hard to create a community center for Dove Springs youth and families to have after school and summer programs.

In addition, this summer Mexic-Arte Education will host two summer camps at Mendez Community Love Hub- Creating Encuentros Jr Printmaking Camp and Nuestro Mundo (July Session)! These camps are free to participate thanks to Community Youth Development. Learn more about all our summer programs here and contact education@mexic-artemuseum with questions. Sign ups are still available for these summer camps!

May Changarrito Public Programs

Family day with Alán Serna

Family day at Mexic-Arte Museum, Photo Credit: Luisa F. Perez

On Sunday, May 19, 2024 former Changarrito artist Alán Serna led a workshop in conjunction with the exhibit, Creating Encuentros: Changarrito 2012-2024, where participants created their own paper changarritos decorated with rótulos and cutouts with imagery from the streets of Mexico such as street vendors, motorcycles, cars, and more. We asked our participants to use their imagination and envision a changarrito that could sell whatever they wanted. Guests then named their changarrito and decorated it. Serna talked about his artistic practice with participants as he assisted them with the creation of their pieces.

Alán Serna is a mixed media artist from Huanusco, Zacatecas, MX, now living and working in San Antonio, TX. In 2018, Serna earned his Master of Fine Arts degree in Intermedia from the University of Kentucky and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking in 2015 from the University of Texas at San Antonio, where he is currently an Assistant Professor of Printmaking and Drawing. Serna is the co-founder and Master Printer of Feral Editions, an independent publisher of fine art prints, artist books, and ephemera.

Media Mixer – Found Object Sculptures with Gil Rocha

Mini Doc Series Get to Know the Artist – GIL ROCHA, Video by Marlyn Garcia

We inaugurated new programming with our first Media Mixer! On Thursday May 30, changarrito artist Gil Rocha gave a tour of his piece Ya Mero, an artwork based on an imaginary “Changarrito” hidden along the Mexican border of the US/Mexico border. Following the tour, Rocha discussed his practice and important terms, such as Assemblage, Arte Povera and Rasquache aesthetics. Guests were able to create their own sculptures using found objects from the museum, gaining an understanding of the artist’s practice and the development of his work; from idea, to execution, and post-analysis. Rocha supported participants throughout the process while discussing the importance of gaining confidence in one’s work by accepting “failure” as part of the process. 

During this fun hands-on art activity participants enjoyed drinks from Bawi and delicious pan de dulce from Ross Cakes. 

Gil Rocha was born and raised in Laredo, Texas. He earned a BFA from the University of Texas in San Antonio (1999) and MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2006). His work was part of two major Texas exhibitions: the Texas Biennial (2017) in Austin, TX and the Trans-Border Biennial (2018) held at the El Paso Museum of Art and El Museo de Arte en Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. He also guest-curated Mexic-Arte Museum’s “Young Latino Artists 23” exhibition in Austin, TX in 2018. He is the painting and drawing instructor at The Vidal M. Treviño School of Communication and Fine Arts, a Board Member of the Laredo Center for the Arts, and a committee member of the Laredo Culture District Project. Currently, he is curating an exhibition to coincide with “The Other Border Wall Project” at the 937 Gallery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and preparing for his solo exhibition at the Presa House Gallery in San Antonio, TX.

You’re Invited! Join us at the Upcoming Media Mixer June 27 – Self Portraits with Gerardo Silguero

  • When:  Thursday, June 27th
  • Where: Mexic-Arte Museum, 419 Congress Ave, Austin, Texas, 78701
  • Time: 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  • Admission: $15 General, $10 Members (Use Membership Code)
  • Refreshments Provided by: Bawi Sparkling Aguas Frescas & Live Oak Brewing
  • Ages 21+

This encuentro is perfect for anyone curious about oil pastels and eager to capture more than just their own likeness on panel. 

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of using oil pastels, including layering, blending, and creating texture.
  • Discover how to capture facial features and proportions on paper.
  • Understand how light and shadow define form on the face.
  • Explore color theory to create a self-portrait that reflects your personality.
  • Experiment with different techniques to achieve a unique and expressive style.
  • Gain confidence in your artistic abilities. 
  • Share and appreciate each other’s artwork in a supportive environment.

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a complete beginner, our experienced instructor will guide you through every step, from basic techniques to expressive application and art theory. Come join us June 27, 2024 from 6-9:00 PM and create your self-portrait! 

Sign Up for the 2024 Summer Camps! Free to Participate!

Creating Encuentros Junior Printmaking Camp

In each session, participants will learn about an artist from the Mexic-Arte Museum exhibition, Creating Encuentros, and create a project inspired by their artistic methods and styles. Mexic-Arte art educators will teach the basics of printmaking using safe and accessible methods for all ages, and we will explore the world of soft sculpture.

Who: Ages 10+
Where: Mendez Middle School Community Love Hub, 5106 Village Square Dr. Austin, TX 78744

Date: Every Wednesday in June: 5, 12, 19, 26
Time: 2-3pm

Sign up here for Creating Encuentros Jr. Printmaking Camp!

Nuestro Estilo 2023, Photo Credit: Maia Castillo
Nuestro Estilo 2023, Photo Credit: Maia Castillo

Nuestro Estilo Summer Camp: Coming June 10-15, 2024 – Free to Participate!

Mexic-Arte Museum is partnering with Austin Central Library and Andrea Calderon of Collectivo In Situ to present the Nuestro Estilo (Our Style) indigenous textile camp again! Participants will get to learn about garment and textile-making traditions from Mexico. They will learn techniques of embroidery, natural dyes, sewing, printmaking and more, and the camp will conclude with a fashion showcase. 

Thank you to Austin Public Health Office of Violence Prevention for supporting this camp.

Sign up here for the Nuestro Estilo Summer Camp!

Who: Ages 10+
Where: Austin Central Library 6th floor, 710 W Cesar Chavez St Austin, TX 78701

When: Monday, June 10th – Friday, June 14th 10am – 2pm daily + Saturday, June 15th at 3pm for the fashion show

About Andrea Calderon + Collectivo In Situ:
Andrea Calderon is an independent musician and cultural organizer with a background in anthropology + border studies, born in Mexico City with firm roots in Oaxaca and Chihuahua. Andrea runs a reciprocity-based collective of indigenous artisans and uses the same platform to organize independent local cultural events, workshops, and encuentros at various venues and community spaces. Colectivo IN SITU functions to bridge communities and educate the public through sharing the diverse work of BIPOC creatives and activists fighting for visibility and justice. In Mexico, they work to highlight artisans working with ancestral mediums including wool + native cotton textiles, silk, and more, with a focus on bringing attention to their stories, lives, and histories. Through IN SITU, Andrea hopes to continue creating and fostering safe, inclusive, and accessible spaces for everyone. TODO PARA TODXS.

See last year’s Nuestro Estilo Camp and Fashion Show

Nuestro Mundo: Coming July 8th-11th – Free to Participate!

Join us for a week of learning about printmaking, activism and community building! In Nuestro Mundo (Our World) camp, youth will learn about screen printing and relief printing and their roles in voicing the needs of the community. Youth will make a personal statement poster about a change they wish to see in the world, and these posters will be exhibited in the Austin Central Library Teen Section. 

Thank you to Community Youth Development for supporting this camp.

Sign up here for the Nuestro Mundo Summer Camp!

Who: Ages 9-17
Where: Mendez Middle School Community Love Hub, 5106 Village Square Dr. Austin, TX 78744

When: July 8-11th (Monday-Thursday) from 10am-2pm daily

See Nuestro Mundo from previous years

Fun Feature!

USA Today cross word puzzle, Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Zaldana

Mexic-Arte Museum was featured in the USA Today crossword puzzle! This puzzle was in the Austin Statesman on May 25th

71 Across reads, “Texas city home to the Mexic-Arte Museum”. The answer is that we can be found right here in the heart of Austin.

Thank you to a long time friend of Mexic-Arte, Amalia Rodriguez-Mendoza, for sharing this fun feature!

USA Today cross word puzzle, Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Zaldana
USA Today cross word puzzle, Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Zaldana


Get Excited for Viva la Vida 2024!

Viva la Vida 2023, Photo Credit: Chris Caselli

Celebrating the 41st year of the iconic Viva la Vida parade and festival, we’re back, Austin!

Check out our webpage as we get closer to the date to learn about vendors, volunteer opportunities, special activities, and more!

Share Your Feedback on the 5th Street Cultural District!

Cultural district designation for 5th Street will open the area up to public investment, facilitating future events and development. It would also promote downtown Austin, and 5th Street in particular, as a tourist destination. Recognizing the rich cultural fabric of this area will help tourists and locals alike to further appreciate what Austin has to offer. A cultural district would celebrate this historic area’s impact on today.

Take our survey here to make your voice heard!

Additionally, Mexic-Arte will be hosting an engagement event with Michelada’s on Sunday, June 23. RSVP to ensure your spot!

Thank You to the Lola Wright Foundation

Mexic-Arte Museum wishes to express heartfelt thanks to the Lola Wright Foundation for their generous contribution to the Museum. This grant will allow Museum staff to continue safely handling and storing artwork.


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