Workshop #6 with Esteban Marquez

Jun. 6, 2022

Jun. 6, 2022 @ 12:00 pm 3:00 pm

About the Workshop

This workshop was held at Bedichek Middle School, with local artist Artists Esteban Marquez and Alex Diamantis. This was a Social Justice Emoji Design workshop where youth studied and reflected on the design and utility of emojis in contemporary language and their ability to transcend languages and cultures using simple shapes to portray emotions. Youth created analog emojis strictly using construction paper shapes to reflect how vectors work in design to create an original emoji depicting one of six social justice topics provided.

About the Artist

Born and raised in El Paso Texas, Esteban Marquez is a creative currently residing in Austin, TX.

Alex Diamantis is a Design Director, a Product Designer at Funsize Co, which is a digital service & product design agency in Austin