Workshop #4 with Amado Castillo III

Apr. 4, 2022

Apr. 4, 2022 @ 12:00 pm 3:00 pm

About the Workshop

Mexic-Arte Museum

The Museum partnered with local artist Amado Castillo III and his 19-year-old son Amado Castillo IV for amArte’s 4th workshop. The mural “Lead to Live,” depicts a tri-colored background reminiscent of the Mexican flag. On the left green section, an ever-growing Austin skyline is shown with prominent construction cranes that take up as much space as each iconic building.

This mural coincides with the current exhibition “Chicano/a Art, Movimiento y Más en Austen, Tejas 1960s to 1980s” focusing on the Chicano artists from the past and uses present local Chicano artists. The mural makes a statement that the future relies on the past just as much as the past relies on the present to carry on the message and work that can never yield against never ending oppressive forces.


About the Artist

Austin, Texas born and raised, Amado Castillo III grew up on the Eastside during the late 1970’s. It was in elementary school that his curiosity and drive for creating became noticeable to his teachers and peers. In 4th grade, one of his teachers recommended him for an opportunity that would allow artistically gifted students to follow an active member of the Austin art community. His then mentor, Raul Valdez, a highly respected muralist of the moment, propelled Amado into using paints, brushes, and canvases as opposed to paper and pencil. As time passed, his skillset became stronger and his appreciation for the contemporary style solidified.

From a young age, Amado has had an innate sense of duty and discipline for family; that proved true when his father became a pastor. He began helping heavily in the church, where he explored a different artistic avenue–music. If he wasn’t painting, he was almost certainly making music. These two pastimes occupied and grounded him from getting involved in gang activity that was booming back then in the Eastside.