Volunteer at Viva la Vida 2022

Oct. 29, 2022

Want a Viva la Vida t-shirt? Volunteer at Viva la Vida 2022! Mexic-Arte Museum is thrilled to invite parade participants & volunteers to take part in the annual Vida la Vida parade and festival on Saturday, October 29th! As you may know, Viva la Vida is Austin’s largest and longest-running Day of the Dead festival. The Museum will host even more artists, musicians, and cultural groups

EDUCATION VOLUNTEERS will help teach both children and adults an array of art activities during the festival; these activities will run from 11am-6pm.

PARADE PROCESSION VOLUNTEERS will help with setting up and carrying forth the parade. The procession will march down historic 6th Street and end at 4th Street and Congress Avenue. The set-up time for the parade will be from 6am-12pm, with the parade running from 12pm-1pm.

GENERAL FESTIVAL VOLUNTEERS will help with the general festival duties including setting up and loading down equipment and props, hanging up decorations, and any other help needed throughout the day. Volunteers will be needed all throughout the day, from 6am-12am; midnight.

For questions about volunteering, email .