In-Person: Viva la Vida Fest 2021 Celebrating Day of the Dead, Presented by Austin Convention Center

Oct. 30, 2021

Oct. 30, 2021 @ 10:00 am 5:00 pm

Mexic-Arte Museum’s Viva la Vida Fest 2021 – Goes Virtual! Celebrating Day of the Dead, Presented by Austin Convention Center. As part of the Mexic-Arte Museum’s continued initiative to bring Museum events right to your screen, we will be presenting Viva la Vida in two parts: in-person and virtually! Utilizing a festival-landing page, the Museum’s virtual and in-person programming make Viva la Vida such a special, vibrant celebration.

  • What: Viva la Vida Fest 2021 – Goes Virtual! Celebrating Day of the Dead, Presented by Austin Convention Center
  • When: Website launch date – Friday, October 22nd
  • Where: Mexic-Arte Museum and Mexic-Arte Museum Website
  • In-person programming – At the Museum on Saturday, October 30th, Mexic-Arte Museum, 419 Congress Ave, Austin, TX, 78701

About Dia de los Muertos Tradition:

Day of the Dead is an important Latin American tradition that takes place on November 1st and 2nd. It is a time when friends and family gather to honor and remember loved ones – not in mourning, but through celebration! The origins trace back to the pre-Hispanic era when death was viewed as a transformation and continuation of life. This ancient belief evolved into the modern tradition of commemorating loved ones with altars decorated with sugar skulls, flowers, photographs, favorite foods and memorabilia of the deceased. Family and friends share stories and memories, sing songs, and play music to celebrate those who have passed on. In Austin, Mexic-Arte Museum has taken these traditions, continued some, transformed others, and created new expressions to produce today’s Viva La Vida Fest!


The Mexic-Arte Museum will share the virtual festival with viewers from all over Austin, to people across the world, expanding our popular festival. The site page will remain live on the Mexic-Arte Museum website and utilized in tandem with the Día de los Muertos section of the Mexic-Arte Museum website! 

  • Parade/ Procession Videos 
  • Virtual Exhibition Tour – Los Pueblos Originarios – Honoring the Dead – Continuing Traditions, Photos by Mary J. Andrade Exhibition 
  • Dia de los Muertos Art Activities and Education Guide
  • Delicias: Day of the Dead recipes
  • Mariposa Plaza: Delicias at Museum
  • Xantolo: Day of the Dead Celebration with Music, Performances, and Storytelling 
  • Store – Buy Papel Picado, Skulls, and Ofrenda Kits


The Ofrenda Mural by Jen Contreras, Alonso Estrada, and Gustavo Estrada. Mural inspired by artist Cleofas Ramirez Clestino.

About The Ofrenda Mural

This colorful mural depicts a family setting up an ofrenda – a table of offerings- featuring food and treats for deceased family members. In the background, the deceased line up to receive their offerings, pan de muerto, tamales, candies, fruits, beverages and other treats. At the top of the painting, calaveras can be seen participating in the festivities, symbolizing the cycle of life and death. The family decorates the ofrenda, or altar, to honor the dead with flowers, food, and drink.

This mural is inspired by Cleofas Ramirez Celestino, artist from the state of Guerrero. It is a depiction of the true spirit of a traditional Día de los Muertos celebration.  The Ofrenda Mural will come to life, or will be augmented/animated, by Augment El Paso.   Viewers can download the app via QR code on their phone to make aspects of the mural move.  Animation will include the following: the woman placing a basket on the ofrenda, or altar; the dog barking; skeletons in the back moving – carrying their food back to their home; candles flickering and smoke coming out of incense burner; the papel picado – paper banners – moving with the wind; and butterflies flying. The public may visit the mural at any time, and the mural will be up until the end of November.


  • Mexic-Arte Museum | 419 Congress Avenue | Austin, TX, 78701
  • Outdoor Sidewalk Display at Frost Tower Plaza 


  • 7$ for Adults for Museum entrance
  • $4 for Senior Citizens, Active Military, Veterans & Students
  • $1 for kids ages 12 & under
  • FREE for Mexic-Arte Members
  • Sidewalk and outdoor activities Free
  • Visit the Museum’s Visit webpage for more info on admission
  • Outdoor Street Display is free

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