Todos Son Bienvenidos

Jun. 3, 2016

Jun. 3, 2016 All day

Todos Son Bienvenidos painted by Tony Perez, is the fourth of the eight murals brought to Mexic-Arte in 2016. When creating the mural design, artist Tony Perez used the phrase “todos son bienvenidos,” meaning “all are welcome,” to refer to different types of people having access to creative spaces that are welcoming, such as the Mexic-Arte Museum. Tony is driven by the ability of murals to inspire the people who walk or drive by them and hopes to motivate and spread general positivity to those who are exposed to his art. 

About the Artist

Tony Perez is an artist and printmaker who is Ramona Press’s founder. He’s from a small town in Indiana and moved to Austin 5.5 years ago. He really enjoys skateboarding, pizza, going to the movies, and working with his hands. He believes in being as nice as possible and trying your best to do good work.

Mexic-Arte Museum

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