The Sisterhood of Two Hearts

May. 4

May. 4 Oct. 31

This mural is part of the Annual Saltillo Day in Austin celebration May 3-5, 2024.  In 1968, the Mayors of Saltillo and Austin formalized the Austin-Saltillo Sister Cities relationship, focusing on citizen diplomacy, friendship, education, and culture.  This year’s activities include Saltillo-based artists Chorus and Ann Sofia Flores creating murals at Plaza Saltillo and Mexic-Arte Museum with the assistance of Austin Independent School District’s International High School students supported in part by the City of Austin Economic Development Department.  These two murals are the first public art installations on the 5th St. Mexican American Heritage Corridor & District connecting downtown to Austin’s east side along E. 5th Street.

This piece, titled “The Sisterhood of Two Hearts,” portrays the scenic beauty of Austin and Saltillo as sister cities. It incorporates graphic elements such as cacti, flowers, and a woman with a traditional Saltillo Sarape at the forefront, symbolizing the reforestation of life and fraternity. Each part of this artwork contains elements that showcase the culture and history that binds these two cities together.

About the Artist

Julio Ávalos, also known as Chous, and Ana Flores Lavin are graphic artists and designers who specialize in large-scale murals and public art as well as traditional and digital illustration. Based in Saltillo, Coahuila, they have worked on major projects and explored their passion for the arts in Mexico and around the world. A main focus of their work is to engage in the recovery of public spaces and crime prevention through art and cultural management. In addition to their urban art projects, they have worked on branding for companies and produced creative output for various cultural festivals.

Mexic-Arte Museum

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