The Ofrenda

Oct. 31, 2021

Oct. 31, 2021 Aug. 30, 2022

This colorful mural depicts a family setting up an ofrenda – a table of offerings- featuring food and treats for deceased family members. In the background, the deceased line up to receive their offerings, pan de muerto, tamales, candies, fruits, beverages and other treats. At the top of the painting, calaveras can be seen participating in the festivities, symbolizing the cycle of life and death. The family decorates the ofrenda, or altar, to honor the dead with flowers, food, and drink. This mural is inspired by Cleofas Ramirez Celestino, artist from the state of Guerrero. It is a depiction of the true spirit of a traditional Día de los Muertos celebration.   

The Ofrenda Mural comes to life, or is augmented/animated, by David Figueroa of Augment El Paso. Viewers can download the app via QR code on their phone to make aspects of the mural move. Animation includes the following: the woman placing a basket on the ofrenda, or altar; the dog barking; skeletons in the back moving – carrying their food back to their home; candles flickering and smoke coming out of incense burner; the papel picado – paper banners – moving with the wind; and butterflies flying. The public may visit the mural at any time, and the mural will be up until the end of November. 

Augment El Paso

Augment El Paso, led by David Figueroa, is a collaboration between digital and traditional artists, and passionate individuals who wish to enhance the El Paso Del Norte region and beyond, through our unique art, showcases, educational workshops, and service. Our community holds a special place in our hearts, and we love working with local artists! We realize that by working together, we can accomplish something truly amazing.

How it works:

Using the Augment El Paso App, the viewer scans enhanced artwork with their smartphone or tablet device, and 3D graphics begin to populate the display screen. The AEP App uses tracking data within the artwork to tether the 3D graphics directly to the image, causing it to remain in a fixed position, while allowing the user to view and interact with the media from different angles and perspectives. The viewer then has the ability to interact with the digital content and activate animations with the 3D models, audio and video, and can also be directed to external for additional information or content related to the artwork being augmented. Download the app and point it at The Ofrenda Mural and see it come to life!



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