Mexico, the Border and Beyond: Selections from the Juan Antonio Sandoval Jr. Collection

Dec. 19, 2020

Dec. 19, 2020 @ 10:00 am Aug. 22, 2021 @ 5:00 pm


The exhibition, Mexico, the Border and Beyond: Selections from the Juan Antonio Sandoval Jr. Collection, is open to the public on Saturday, December 19, 2020 and remains open to the public until Sunday, August 22, 2021.

Can’t make it to the Mexic-Arte Museum in person? Explore the virtual exhibition Life and Experiences in the U.S./Mexico Borderlands, featuring the Juan Antonio Sandoval Jr. Permanent Collection on view now throughout this webpage and CultureConnect

Mexic-Arte Museum presents the exhibition Mexico, the Border and Beyond: Selections from the Juan Antonio Sandoval Jr. Collection. In early 2020, Mr. Sandoval (1946 – 2021), a former reference librarian and former subject specialist for art and Chicanx studies at The University of Texas at El Paso, donated his vast collection to Mexic-Arte Museum, which he had amassed over 30 years. The Sandoval Collection is comprised of over 1,500 artworks, many of them created by Mexican and Latinx artists. It includes prints, photographs, paintings, sculptures, and popular art from the El Paso region, as well as Mexico. The Collection also contains hundreds of publications, and ephemerae. Juan Sandoval’s dedicated patronage to the arts is a monumental achievement, and his legacy will allow generations today and in the future to engage with important works. Mexic-Arte Museum is grateful that the late Juan Sandoval chose to donate his work to the Museum.

Mexico, the Border and Beyond: Selections from the Juan Antonio Sandoval Jr. Collection is the first major showing of this collection in Austin. The Sandoval Exhibition is organized into four areas: 1) Passion of a Collector; 2) Life and Experiences in the U.S./Mexico Borderlands examines cultural history and social issues of the border represented by artists in the El Paso/Juárez U.S. Mexico border region; 3) Mexico: A Second Home showcases artworks many that were acquired by Mr. Sandoval during his summer trips to Oaxaca; 4) Beyond presents notable artists living and working outside the borderlands.

A large part of the exhibition is dedicated to the artworks focusing on the Life and Experiences in the U.S./Mexico Borderlands. This part is divided into five themes: Creating a Border; Land, Fauna, and Allegories; I am Immigrant You Are; Immigrant Dream and Nightmare; and The Culture Continues/La Cultura Sigue. The Sandoval Collection represents the unique history and culture of the borderlands or la frontera. In keeping with our mission, the Mexic-Arte Museum’s Collection is a vehicle whereby the public can gain access to valuable information on cultural heritage fostering an understanding of humanity in the broader culture of Texas, and in the global community. 

The Life and Experience in the U.S./Mexico Borderlands has been made possible in part by a major grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Virtual Lecture Series

As part of the exhibition, the Mexic-Arte Museum will be hosting a series of online lectures from March 6th – May 1st. The virtual lectures will be live streamed via Zoom and Facebook Live and moderated by Mexic-Arte Museum Curator & Director of Programs, Dr. George Vargas. Participants can pre-register for any of the events by clicking on the following links or simply by viewing the lectures on the Museum’s Facebook page on the day of each event. We hope you can make it!

“Creating the Border: Art, Politics, and Stories” lecture led by Dr. John Morán González
“Borders, Migration and Art. The U.S. Mexico Experience”, lecture by Dr. Gilberto Cárdenas
“La Frontera /The Border as Reflected in the Cinematic Lens”, lecture led by Dr. David R. Maciel
Land, Fauna & Allegories: Performance, Art & Video in the Chihuahua Desert” lecture by Dr. Gutiérrez
Mexican Mobility in Perspective: Building Futures/Closing Pathways”, lecture by Dr. Sarah Lopez
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