La Huella Magistral

Jan. 25, 2019

Jan. 25, 2019 @ 11:00 am Jun. 3, 2019 @ 5:00 pm


The exhibition spotlights prints in Consejo Gráfico’s third Portfolio Exchange. Founded in 2000, Consejo Gráfico is an independent group of printmaking workshops formed to advance the legacy and viability of Latinx printmaking in the United States.

La Huella Magistral: Homage to Master Printmakers features works from 19 printmakers, each contributing an individual print to the limited edition portfolio. Each artist pays tribute to a master printmaker who mentored, taught, or inspired them and contributed artwork in their mentor’s preferred medium or recognizable style. Mexic-Arte Museum expands on the themes explored in the portfolio by incorporating prints from the Museum’s Permanent Collection.

Featured Artists

René H. Arceo, Eliezer Berrios, Kay Brown Pepe Coronado, Marcos Dimas, Paul del Bosque, Sandra C. Fernández, Juan R. Fuentes, Luanda Lozano, Poli Marichal, Jaime Montiel, Malaquias Montoya, Betty Perez Cole, Ramiro Rodríguez, Marianne Sadowski, Joseph Segura, Francesco Siqueiros, Ricardo Xavier Serment, and Nitza Tufiño.

Artist Highlight

In 2005 Ernesto de Soto, the first Mexican American Master Printer donated over twenty large lithographs to Mexic-Arte from the de Soto Workshop. These works were featured in an exhibition in September 2005 with Maestro de Soto attending. Later in 2006, the collection traveled to the Ben Bailey Art Gallery at Texase A&M University-Kingsville with the assistance of Professors Santa Barraza and Darin Forehand. In 2010, the collection was featured at The Museum of Printing History in Houston. At The Museum of Printing History, de Soto created a black and white lithograph, The Critic, an edition of 60, possibly the last lithograph authored by the master printer/artist.

Ernest F. de Soto made significant contributions to the art and craft of printmaking.  He played a major role in nurturing and creating long-lasting international relations with artists in other countries. In particular, de Soto created and forged an almost symbiotic reputation with many Mexican artists. De Soto’s interest in Latin America, bilingual ability, and desire to travel, landed him opportunities to create important relationships. Beginning in the late 1960’s de Soto, operated a series of well-known lithography workshops that became very popular with an emerging generation of now world-famous Mexican artists. Based in San Francisco from 1967 to 1993, Collector’s Press Lithography Workshop, Editions Press, and the de Soto Workshop worked with the finest of Mexico’s artists, Jose Luis Cuevas, Alejandro Colunga, Gunther Gerzo, Alfredo Castaneda, Francisco Toledo, Francisco Zuniga and Leonora Carrington, on what has become an important post-war lithography collection. The de Soto Workshop is known for specializing in contemporary Latin American and American lithographs, fine prints, and etching by some of the best-known Latin American and American artists of our time.

La Huella Magistral features two works from the de Soto collection printed at his studio and two rare prints created by the Master printer/artist. 

La Huella Magistral: Sandra Fernandez Talk


Arturo Garcia Bustos, Campesino Mixes.
Poli Marchals, Comadres en La Marcha, 2017.
Detail of Paul del Bosque’s Liberty in Imagination, screen print, 2017.
Detail of René H. Arceo’s Alegoría Goyesca,linocut, 2017.
Rupert García, The Geometry of Manet and the Sacred Heart II, lithograph, 1990. Gift of Ernesto De Soto.