Forever Tejas

Mar. 3

Mar. 3 @ 8:00 am Dec. 31 @ 5:00 pm

About the Latest El Mero Muro

The mural Forever Tejas depicts symbols of Austin and Texas in black and white. Each iconic element is crafted to showcase the significance and history it has brought to this city and state. The muralist, Stephen Longoria, wanted to emphasize what it means to be a part of Texas culture. The ‘512’ references the area code and mimics how the windows of the skyscrapers look lit at night. The radio tower is a nod to Radio Coffee & Beer, a local staple in Austin. All of the elements Longoria includes in this mural are an integral part of the joy and uniqueness that make Austin weird and a place to be proud of and will be a part of the next exhibit, Creating Encuentros: Changarrito 2012-2024.

This mural coincides with the current exhibition “Mix ‘n’ Mash: Celebrating Austin” Austin is the political and historical center of Texas. It is the home to people the world over, coming to participate in its politics, enjoy the beauty of its surrounding hill country, feast on the cuisine that abounds from it, and revel in the live music for which it is famous, among other things. 

The mural highlights the parts of Austin and Texas that make it so inspiring to people who visit here and live here.

About the Muralist

Stephen Longoria is originally from the Rio Grande Valley and has relocated to California. Longoria resides in The Bay area where he collaborates with artists from all over the world out of his studio. His style centers around his unique perspective of lines within graphic design. Stephen is dedicated to Keeping Austin Weird, and aims to bring that element to all of his work.