Dreaming of Xochitlalpan

Sep. 22, 2022

Sep. 22, 2022 Aug. 31, 2023

As part of ELA 26: Histories of Transformation / Historias de Transformación, the San Antonio-based muralist Kat Cadena has commissioned a new mural for Mexic-Arte Museum’s 5th Street mural wall. This mural focuses on the Náhuatl flowering land Xochitlalpan. In this mural, Cadena focuses on flowers as an abundant source of inspiration and joy for humanity throughout the ages, from Náhuatl to contemporary poets. It also focuses on smoke to clean flowers for spiritual or medical uses.

About the Artist

Kat Cadena is a multimedia artist, celebrated muralist and independent illustrator. She was raised by multiple generations of strong, proud and fierce mestiza women in San Antonio, Texas. She is known for her bright pink mural And Yet, We Bloom, located in the heart of downtown San Antonio on Houston & Navarro St., and her unflinchingly emotional and colorful portraiture of feminine-identifying subjects.

Artist Statement

“In my work, I often personify the feelings that some womxn survive and some were not able to overcome. The forces that push my hands to create are a mix of personal and ancestral trauma; entangled feelings of pride and shame, desperation for safety and inevitable terror, and the intricate, knotted feelings that so many womxn endure and attempt to heal throughout their often painful lives. Through this creative, reflective process, I join hearts with my sisters, empower each other through our mutual understanding, and seek to inspire awareness and transformation of our condition and position in society. Despite the dark themes driving my work, my artwork is often colorful, light, refreshing and energizing in appearance. Such is life; sadness, happiness, terror, and glee can all happen in a few moments. The idea is that beyond the darkness lies power, resistance, community, growth, and love. Despite all odds, we bloom.”


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