Changarrito with Sandra de la Rosa

Mar. 19, 2022

Mar. 19, 2022 @ 12:00 pm Mar. 29, 2022 @ 3:00 pm

Cover image artwork: Borderlands (The Golden Ladder), Acrylic and gesso on paper, 7ft x 3ft, 2018

Nikki Diaz, Divinity, 2017, Acrylic on Canvas 18″ x 24″
The Infinite Cage, Sumi ink, acrylic paint, gesso, and glazing medium on paper, 88” x 30”, 2019

About the Artist

Sandra de la Rosa is an artist born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico and raised in Houston, Texas. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Houston in 2015 and her Masters of Fine Arts in 2019 at the University of Florida. Sandra has exhibited her work in Texas and nationally in shows that emphasize the visibility of artists of color, immigrants, and border issues.

Artist Statement

“As a Mexican immigrant, I experience a liminal space where I feel secured and exposed at the same time. This liminal experience manifests from the ambiguity and uncertainty of living in the United States as someone with a hybridized identity: Mexican, American, Texan, undocumented, DACA recipient, brown, other. My body of work represents experiences felt by immigrants, including myself. We are both surrounded and kept out by metaphorical walls that creates a liminal space felt internally. These spaces are related to legal and societal structures. The spaces we inhabit are a contradiction: we are both inside and outside. Gaston Bachelard describes the dialect of inside and outside as yes and no. In his book, The Poetics of Space, Bachelard states that the geometry created by the assignation of what is inside and what is outside is tinged with aggressivity because their formal opposition is incapable of being at ease. In my body of work, I am inviting the viewers to investigate the abstract landscapes and structures and show them through my visual language what I experience as an immigrant. I am here but also metaphorically kept out.”

Changarrito cart March 21-22

Artists have the opportunity to sell their art on the Changarrito cart in front of the Museum (or an offsite location, as representative for the Museum during various Austin festivals). Changarreando expands the reach of the artist by presenting their gallery online, while allowing the option to sell merch over Instagram and receive 100% of the sale.

Sandra de la Rosa featured her artwork on the Changarrito cart right outside the Museum’s entrance on Changarrito cart March 21-22, 2022.

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Changarrito Instagram Live Interview on Tuesday, March 29

Mexic-Arte Museum’s Changarrito Instagram Live event with Artist Sandra de la Rosa took place on Thursday, March 29th from 5:00 pm – 5:45 pm CST. Isabel Servantez, Mexic-Arte Museum’s Curator Of Exhibitions and Director Of Programs, facilitated the virtual event with a series of questions directed at the artist including a Q&A taking place during the last 20 minutes of the event.

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