Changarrito Residency: Christine Suggs

Dec. 1

Dec. 1 @ 8:00 am Dec. 31 @ 5:00 pm

Talavera Tiles / Digital / 18″ x 15″ (Tiles are 3″ each) / 2023
Our Lady of Queerness / Digital / 8″ x 10″ / 2020

About the Artist

Christine Suggs is a comic artist and designer living in Dallas, TX with their wonderful partner, dog, and cat. Their debut book, ¡AY MIJA! is a YA graphic novel about spending their summers in Mexico as a teen and was released in spring 2023 from Little Brown Young Readers. Christine’s work has been featured in the Washington Post, Lean In, Central Market, and the It Gets Better Project.

Artist Statement

I am half-Mexican, and as such, always felt in-between worlds: I was too white, too Mexican, and never enough. My book, “¡AY, MIJA! My Bilingual Summer in Mexico” crystallizes these feelings into a graphic novel memoir about teenage Christine on a trip to stay with their grandparents. They struggle with language, their queerness and how it relates to their Catholic upbringing, and the weird but wonderful feeling of a family that you can’t fully communicate with. I seek to explore the intersectionality of my experiences through creating comics and illustrations about gender, race, language, fatness, and inequality.

Changarrito Cart – TBD

Artists have the opportunity to sell their art on the Changarrito cart in front of the Museum (or an offsite location, as representative for the Museum during various Austin festivals). Changarreando expands the reach of the artist by presenting their gallery online, while allowing the option to sell merch over Instagram and receive 100% of the sale.

Christine Suggs will be at the Mexic-Arte Museum featuring her artwork on the Changarrito cart right outside the Museum’s entrance on TBD dates

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Changarrito Instagram Live Interview – TBD

You’re invited to Mexic-Arte Museum’s Changarrito Instagram Live event with artist Christine Suggs, taking place virtually through the Museum’s Instagram account @mexic_arte! Isabel Servantez, Mexic-Arte Museum’s Curator of Exhibitions and Director Of Programs, will facilitate the virtual event with a series of questions directed at the artist including a Q&A taking place during the last 20 minutes of the event.