Changarreando with Angel Ortega: Instagram Takeover

Jul. 14, 2021

Jul. 14, 2021 @ 12:00 pm Aug. 11, 2021 @ 7:00 pm

Cover image artwork: (Closeup) Angel Ortega, Respect Street Vendors, 2020, Digital, 10” x 10″

Angel Ortega, Body by Barbacoa, 2020, Digital, 10” x 10″
Angel Ortega, Respect Street Vendors, 2020, Digital, 10” x 10″

About the Artist

Angel Ortega, also known as Garzig is heavily influenced by metal music, their Mexican heritage, and their love for redesigning pop culture with a low brow chic. All of Angel’s work starts with a pencil sketch that they fine tune using digital software. 
Angel currently has a sculpture piece at the Mexic-Arte Museum, Fideo Paleta Man. Many of the techniques Angel used to build the sculpture were taught by her dad and art mentors.

Artist Statement

“The work I’m submitting for Changarreando are pieces I’ve created during 2020. With these pieces I not only plan to reproduce them in a tangible format, but I’ve also created digitally with animations in the works.”

Changarrito cart July 17 – 18 & 24 – 25

Artists have the opportunity to sell their art on the Changarrito cart in front of the Museum (or an offsite location, as representative for the Museum during various Austin festivals). Changarreando expands the reach of the artist by presenting their gallery online, while allowing the option to sell merch over Instagram and receive 100% of the sale.

Angel Ortega featured her artwork on the Changarrito cart outside the Museum’s entrance on July 17 -18 and 24 – 25, 2021.

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Changarreando Instagram Live Interview on Tuesday, August 10th

Mexic-Arte Museum’s Changarrito Instagram Live event with Artist Angel Ortega took place on Thursday, August 10th from 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm CST. Mario Villanueva, Mexic-Arte Museum Marketing & Events Associate, facilitated the virtual event with a series of questions directed at the artist including a Q&A taking place during the last 20 minutes of the event.