Workshop #1 with Mariana Nuño-Ruiz

Jan. 12

Jan. 12 @ 12:00 pm 3:00 pm

The Museum partnered with local chef and culinary artist Mariana Nuño-Ruiz, who has spent eight-years researching and developing her cookbook “Dining with the Dead” that focuses on Día de los Muertos traditional recipes and heavily highlights the history and research to each recipe’s origin, indigenous roots, and diverse interpretations from region to region.

This workshop was held at Alicia Fischweicher’s advanced culinary classes at Del Valle High School. The workshop aimed at spotlighting the power to create coalition, empathy, hope, health, prosperity, and peace between cultures via nourishment. Mariana and the Mexic-Arte Museum Education team focused specifically on tamales for their deep rich history and relevance in contemporary culture using precolonial and nontraditional tamal recipes. Each class was divided into 4 teams and each team created a class set of tamales, huitlacoche, cacao, uchepos, and acelgas y queso fresco.