September 2021

On Sept. 17th Mexic-Arte Museum opened the exhibition, MX 21-Resistance, Reaffirmation & Resilience that references two historical events in Mexico that also shaped our lives today, – the five hundred years of the downfall of the Mexico-Tenochtitlán, and the two hundred years of the consummation of Independence of Mexico from Spain. The exhibition draws from works in the permanent collection and new works by invited artists.

August 2021

Mexic-Arte Museum opens the fall season with the exhibition, MX 21 ̶ Resistance, Reaffirmation & Resilience. 2021 marks an important year for Mexico and Mexican Americans remembering two historical events – the five hundred years of the taking of Mexico-Tenochtitlán and the two hundred years of the consummation of Independence of Mexico from Spain. Mexico has been organizing commemorative events throughout 2021. It is a year of reconciliation, historical memory, and vindication of identity.

July 2021

We invite you to join us August 6th for the summer reception featuring Mexico, the Border and Beyond: Selections from the Juan Sandoval Jr. Collection and to see the online exhibit, Life and Experiences in the U.S./Mexico Borderlands. Mexic-Arte Museum is fortunate to have received  this important Latinx art collection assembled by collector Juan Sandoval throughout his lifetime. We are truly grateful. Mexico, the Border and Beyond will be on exhibition until August 22, 2021.

June 2021

Kids talking and making noises in the gallery, students raising their hands, guests asking about the art, shoppers in the store! Yes, we are getting back to the normal days at Mexic-Arte Museum. We and our visitors are all so happy. We can finally see and enjoy each others’ smiles and company. We are planning a welcoming reception on August 6th for members and the general public to view the current exhibit, Mexico, the Border and Beyond: Selections from the Juan Antonio Sandoval Jr. Collection Exhibition. Stay tuned!

May 2021

I first met Juan Sandoval on a trip to El Paso to learn about the artist community and organizations, specifically Juntos Art Association and the Bridge Center for Contemporary Art in the late 1980s. Juan invited Pio Pulido and I to his home where he showed us his art and book collection. We were impressed by the number of books, and the quality of the art.

April 2021

On behalf of the Mexic-Arte Museum Board of Directors and Staff Members, we whole-heartedly thank all our generous sponsors that supported the Museum during this past year of the pandemic. As we reflect on the past twelve months, it seems like it began yesterday. The year was filled with many emotions – starting with the fear of not understanding what Covid was, what a pandemic meant to us personally, and to the organization. As soon as we covered all the art and windows, turned all the lights off, locked the door and went home, our fears quickly transformed into determination. 

March 2021

We welcome everyone to Mexic-Arte Museum as all museums, theaters and businesses begin to open up after a difficult year. Visit the Museum to view the exhibition, Mexico, the Border and Beyond and see the online exhibit, Life and Experiences in the U.S./Mexico Borderlands.

February 2021

Now that the snow has melted, debris removed and repairs being made, houses are warm, and water has returned to most of our homes and businesses, we can begin to organize our lives back to the new normal little by little. It will take time to repair the damage that last week’s storm caused. It will linger for a long time.

January 2021

It is with heavy hearts that the Mexic-Arte Museum announces the passing of our friend Juan Antonio Sandoval Jr. on Jan. 3, 2021. For over three decades he lived in El Paso, Texas, frugally supporting artists, preserving historical records, and gathering artwork piece by piece to build a cultural legacy that now has a home at the Mexic-Arte Museum in Austin, Texas.

December 2020

We are so grateful to you, our supporters who inspired and made these accomplishments and successes possible. Mexic-Arte Museum relies on donations from the community in order to provide high quality exhibitions, vibrant cultural events, and valuable community education services. Your support has allowed us to serve the growing number of youth and families in Austin this year through in person and online programming.