Online Opening Reception for ELA 25: Intersección: Choque & Alivio/ Intersection: Shock & Relief Exhibition

Sep. 25, 2020

Sep. 25, 2020 @ 11:00 am Nov. 22, 2020 @ 5:00 pm

Welcome to the Mexic-Arte Museum Online Opening Reception for our current exhibition, ELA 25: Intersección: Choque & Alivio, Intersection: Shock & Relief. Starting Friday, September 25th at 11am CST online visitors will get a chance to look through our exhibition via our website with additional content such virtual experiences of our gallery space, artwork and artist information, a chance to purchase Museum Memberships at discounted prices, and ways you can continue to support the Mexic-Arte Museum!


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About the Exhibition

Mexic-Arte Museum proudly presents Emerging Latinx Artists/ELA 25 (previously called Young Latinx Artists/YLA): Intersección: Choque & Alivio, Intersección: Shock & Relief, which celebrates the last twenty-five years of exhibitions featuring emerging Latinx artists. This exhibition showcases artists converging at the crossroads of aesthetic interests and cultural history. The exhibition aims to discover shared life experiences, a mashup or crash (choque) at intersecting lanes of similarities and differences as expressed in the artistically diverse artworks. In reaction to this historical era of identity politics and civic unrest, these artists respond in a visual dialogue, drawing from their sociopolitical consciousness.

Contextualized within a unique historical era impacted by a worldwide health crisis that has wrought economic depression and social paralysis, this ELA exhibition offers a familiar space for artists to share their experiences that flow from a crucible of conflict, resolution, and change. As we struggle just to stay alive, the pandemic has exasperated sociopolitical issues, such as racism, sexism, pollution, cultural identity, and immigration, which historically have plagued innumerable women and people of color. Although they have been magnified by social upheaval, these are typical hot button issues that BIPOC artists confront through and in their artworks.

This year as part of our El Mero Muro program, Mexic-Arte commissioned three women artists to create two new murals, as part of the ELA25 exhibition. Local artists Niz and Sade Lawson collaborated on a mural that celebrates the Latinx and Black experience of America, while calling for equality, unity, creative change, and voting rights. El Paso artist Christin Apodaca painted the second mural that addresses the COVID epidemic and its great impact on the Latinx community in Austin. The two murals are located on the Museum’s exterior wall on 5th St. at Congress Avenue.

As we travel down our path in life to fulfill our destiny, we converge at intersections to dialogue with these artists who reveal their inner thoughts about the human condition, as artists have done previously when confronted by a shockwave of confusion and distress. Art makes social commentary that both documents our history and shapes our consciousness of reality. Art answers the age-old philosophical question concerning the meaning of life, especially during this difficult period: Who are we? In response to our escalating predicament, the arts are experiencing a transformation, as artists are at intersections entertaining and instructing the people in their time of need looking for meaning in their lives. Thus, we intersect at the ELA25 crossroads, seeking release from anxiety to (re)discover our humanity through art and to invite a feeling of reassurance and interconnectedness with each other in an ever-changing global community.

ELA 25: Intersección: Choque & Alivio/ Intersection: Shock & Relief Exhibition Artists:

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